We are extremely happy and honored to be shortlisted for this year’s Estonian Fashion Festival (EFF) competion, namely to Antonius Fashion Show sub-programme. EFF contest is international and applicants from Baltic and Nordic region are warmly welcomed.

EFF sub-category Antonius Fashion Show is a recognized fashion platform offering possibility to jump fast-forward into local and international market, and also to foreign fashion shows.

The keywords of Antonius Fashion shows are:

  • contemporary
  • high-quality materials
  • styling
  • well-fitting cuts
  • practicality

In the show iLLIMOR presents some of the key looks from our new Summer/Spring collection called Zan:Zi:Bar. Featuring beautiful hats by talented milliner Marell Kull.

This year the whole concept of EFF is quite original. All the collections are turned into moefilmid. and broadcasted live on 9th – 11th June. Online films are shown via Delfi TV, L’Officiel Baltics web and EFF facebook page.

As it is a competition, there are some VERY delicious prizes 🙂 The winner of the whole EFF gets to participate at the International Young Designers Contest in Kyiv. WhooP WhooP!! And some of the special prizes include a 4-months representation at Tallinn Design House concept store, an internship at Woolish, publicity prize by L’Officiel Baltic and Anne & Stiil audience favourite prize.