Collaboration with Garage48


We are so thrilled that Garage48 decided to collaborate with iLLIMOR™ in order to create sustainably original and ultra cool outfits for their core team. 

While mapping out expectations and needs, it came clear that Garage48 team was looking for diverse and recognizable uniforms that would emphasize the sustainability they strive for themselves. Tencel™ fabric, known for its environmentally responsible production process, was therefore a match made in heaven for Garage48 expectations.

Playing around with different styles and colors led to unique design concept, aligning perfectly with the vibrant entrepreneurial community where Garage48 operates.

About Garage48


Garage48 is startup hackathon series turning brilliant ideas into a working prototype in 48 hours.

Having accomplished 220 hackathons in 26 countries and built nearly 800 prototypes, Garage48 team is unstoppable with the only goal to enrich the startup ecosystems across the globe from a grassroot level.

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